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Thank you very much for your interest in the Digital Pharma China conference!

We’d like to thank our fantastic partners, faculty, sponsors, media partners and attendees for being a part of our 2016 event. We are already at work on 2017’s show, so keep watching this space for updates.

For information on speaking opportunities, please contact Warren Drysdale at or 917-258-5162.

For information on sponsorship or exhibition opportunities, please contact Jayson Mercado at or 212-400-6236.

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About Digital Pharma China

Even in the short time since the last year’s event, much has changed in the Chinese market. 2016 is the perfect time to advocate for digital approaches within pharmaceutical organizations.

On a macro level, new governmental policy is limiting the prices pharma organizations are able to charge for their drugs, and the government is trying to tightly control insurance coverage. As such, insurance policies are much stricter, and pharma is feeling the pressure. With decreased margins leading to less money to spend on marketing communications, having a larger sales force is no longer a competitive advantage. This has been the first year of single-digit growth in China — is this the new norm? No matter what, pharma is readily adopting new digital ideas and innovations for channel management and improvements to sales teams’ effectiveness.

Patient centricity has become a core tactic for pharmaceutical companies due to this increased pressure — and is no longer purely a corporate image tool. New strategies to increase drug adherence and the development of more direct tools for patients is paramount, and digital is the key medium for improving this.

The 4th Digital Pharma China event will provide you with the road map to delivering true customer centricity and an experience that connects them to your brand. To transition from an assets company to a solutions provider, pharma organizations need to address a very important question: How can you launch for a solution, not just a product?

In order to facilitate your route to these answer, we are developing a completely new agenda structure.

Our cutting-edge agenda structure for 2016 includes:

Conference Day One Conference Day Two
Pressure from the government to control costs has made adherence — and using digital tools to improve adherence rates — a key theme. The ultimate customer is the patient, and the patient journey/experience engenders many objectives and questions pharma must consider. One such objective is going beyond a Patient Hub, but where does "beyond" take us from an executional perspective?
Chinese pharmaceutical companies are now in a position of maturity where they can embrace digital innovation within their organizations. It is crucial companies assess the innovation landscape today to better understand how to solve current business challenges with innovation and how to incorporate innovation teams with other departments. By accounting for the absence of a "fail fast" mentality, is it possible for pharma to adopt a company culture that is less risk averse and lends itself to improved operational efficiency to allow for more innovative tools and offerings?
Innovative Case Study Presentations
Morning Networking Coffee Break
Dedicated Panel Discussions with Expert Panelists and Direct Audience Interaction
How and what can we leverage from other sectors in mobile Internet marketing in order to bridge the gap between "pharma speed" and "digital speed"? What models or methods would you recommend marketers leverage to build solutions? (E.g., journey mapping, design thinking, script journeys.) It's key that your vendors create solutions that are mobile responsive.
A big challenge for many companies is how to execute marketing campaigns using a truly integrated multichannel approach. Optimizing marketing mix modeling and having a solid understanding of what has and hasn't worked is extremely important. How can you get senior leadership to buy into the ways of working in this digital world? How can we best set up a framework of governance to measure and act on both leading and lagging indicators relative to brand marketing initiatives?
Innovative Case Study Presentations
Networking Luncheon
Dedicated Panel Discussions with Expert Panelists and Direct Audience Interaction

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