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Aligning Disruptive Innovation, Digital Health, Commercial and Customer Strategy

Following the success of Digital Pharma East; the worlds largest Digital Marketing event for life sciences with over 950 attendees, The Digital pharma Series is delighted to launch it’s inaugural event in Japan.

Following sustained success in Europe (9 years) and China (5 years), the stage is set to deliver a world class event for Japanese pharmaceutical and medical device executives to learn how to embed a digital ecosystem that is tailored for execution specifically in the Japanese business model.

Join your peers at the event to engage and discuss these key themes:

How will digital disruption transform the pharma business model?

Unlike other industries, the “Uber” of the pharma industry has yet to emerge, and the market remains ripe for digital disruption. Pharma companies are exploring how to transform through change management and new business models to better engage their customers, and streamline their operations, and stay competitive.

How can pharma generate value from digital medicine solutions?

As pharma companies shift from implementing traditional products to connected solutions, companies are challenged to define and realize value from this new business model (e.g. revenue stream) that intelligent, digital medicine solutions require.

How can pharma engage with disruptive technologies?

AI, AR, and cognitive computing are now a reality and are being used by doctors and physicians in predictive diagnostics. If we start to advance toward diagnostics from AI on a regular basis and certain decision-making processes out of the doctors’ hands, what are the implications for pharma marketing? How will brands and marketing teams adapt to this new world?

How can we demonstrate the value of digital for pharma products?

Pharma companies are increasingly exploring the role digital can play in demonstrating value through data, analytics, and real-world evidence.

How will pharma adapt to successfully engage HCPs?

As HCPs evolve in their engagement with patients and how they manage their practice, pharma companies will have to transform their HCP-engagement approach.

More Specifically – How Can Japanese Pharma and Medical Device Executives deal with:

  1. Real world data – how this applies to pharmaco vigilance and better understanding of the patient. How can you measure success in digital ROI?
  2. Innovation in patient centricity
  3. Omni channel optimization – identifying the optimal channel mix, timing of digital and sales visit that lead to drug adoption
  4. Role of AI in pharma – Can AI help with predictive marketing?
  5. The evolving tools and tactics of Digital to improve patient quality of life and outcomes, e.g. AI and remote diagnostics
  6. Digital transformation and change management: how to effect change in systems, marketing automation and people
  7. Government Policy changes on regional health care – How will the Japanese government be able to empower the local region on healthcare? As a digital marketer, stakeholders other than doctors are emerging; who do you need to engage and how?
  8. Social media: comparing the global platforms with regional social media platforms in engaging patients and complying with local regulations

We will explore these questions and more. Reserve your seat for the inaugural Digital Pharma Japan conference to join the conversation and contribute to the advancement of digital health to improve patient outcomes customer centricity!

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