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Our mix of both regionally located and US HQ based marketing experts will provide practical experiences, including explanations in how to:

Build templates, processes, check boxes and best practices that ensure buy in and approval from senior management

Analyze and review the latest strategies and techniques to utilize digital tools for market access and penetrating specific geographies in the region

Customize product teams, messages and collateral in global vs. regional multi-channel marketing strategy and platform delivery

Develop effective patient adherence tools through digital methods that take into account poverty levels and percentage out of pocket

Mobile, digital and social media marketing innovation continues to expand at pace and the LATAM region is in urgent need of guidance in how to embrace the digital revolution taking place in the more developed Western markets and evolve from traditional marketing strategy. Not only in the marketing initiatives and consumer engagement strategy, but the technology, internal approval and cost implications all provide difficult challenges in building a robust marketing and sales business model. Join ExL Pharma at this truly innovative conference to leverage our multitude of global contacts and networking platform to decipher the challenges, opportunities, cultural phenomena being seen across the LATAM region.

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Why Attend Digital Pharma Latin America:

THE CHALLENGE:Taking a tactical approach to gaining internal approval for digital initiatives: More and more pharma are taking a global approach to their digital platforms. Compliance, MLR, IT and senior management all need to provide approval and this is a huge challenge.

THE SOLUTION:Outline how to make things happen despite local restrictions, what to outsource and which partner to choose in this. How to identify core competencies, core skills and map out a strategy in line with differing geographic regulations that allows you to put together a template/process/best practices allowing for a box ticking approach to accelerate approval

THE CHALLENGE:Pharmacovigilance: How can pharma develop digital platforms to interact with customers through social media and new technologies and move away from traditional phone/in-person methods. How to develop effective listening channel that allow for responses within 24 hours

THE SOLUTION: Understand how to overcome the fear, mindsets and resistance to social media to develop technologies that mitigate these issues and allow for social listening that takes into account geographic market data, cultural differences and ‘likes’

THE CHALLENGE:Market Access: Understanding how digital strategy can be involved with market access and penetrating specific geographic markets in the region based on customer preferences is a tactical hurdle for pharma

THE SOLUTION:Understand how collaborations can be developed so that joint initiatives accelerate market access. Partnering with ACOs and MCOs in order to share platforms can be a powerful tool in gaining data and access to specific markets

THE CHALLENGE:Generics: There is currently very little eDetailing and eLearning with tablets being utilized with doctors and pharmacies, and the need and usage is not well understood. Additionally, understanding how to grow market share of generics vs. traditional sales as well as gaining access to patients is a challenge

THE SOLUTION:Understanding the data from pharmacies to develop generics as a channel in it’s own right and utilize digital marketing as a method to become closer to pharmacies

THE CHALLENGE:Global vs. regional marketing strategy and platform delivery: Pharma companies typically roll out global MCM strategies or platforms and the structures or technologies to effectively manage this may not be available in LATAM

THE SOLUTIONS: Analyze case studies of true Multi-Channel Marketing and a wider view of the marketing mixes. Learn how to better integrate the marketing mix and commercial channels: Discover how reps can become digitized, how remote detailing is evolving and how this impacts on a region that is still heavily rep engagement focused Practically understand planning and project management/campaign management and analytics for measuring campaign effectiveness that are not simply rolled out from HQ

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  • Mobile Marketing
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  • Global Marketing
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