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Thank you very much for your interest in the Digital Pharma West conference! We are currently finalizing the program for our 2016 event, so keep watching this space for updates.

For information on speaking opportunities, please contact Warren Drysdale at or 917-258-5162.

For information on sponsorship or exhibition opportunities, please contact Jayson Mercado at or 212-400-6236.

2015 Leading International Expert Speakers

Why 6th Digital Pharma West Is the Number One Provider of Content, Innovation and Practical Insights on the West Coast.

Pharmaceutical and medical device companies of ALL sizes and scales need to understand how pharma can ensure that digital is part of their company's DNA. It's not just about doing better digital marketing, it's about embedding digital into everything you do across divisions — from the earliest R&D to postmarketing/commercial. It's about how you communicate and collaborate across "yourselves" and even how you find and recruit talent to improve your business. Here’s how you will stay ahead of the curve….

Delivering better outcomes through innovative digital initiatives with patient co-creation at the heart. Together as an industry, we can build a business that will:

• Put patients first
• Think patient
• Empower the empowered patient
• Truly get why patients matter
• Understand patients — "The Centre of What We Do"
• Deliver the patient experience
• Go beyond the patient — people
• People: at the heart of every patient

Who is your customer in 2016? In previous years it was "all about the HCP." Physicians continue to be the major goal in engagement, education and access. Additionally, the growth of pharmacies as a venue of health management is a dynamic shift. Pharmacies are shifting to become health delivery agents for the patients, and the patient journey/experience engenders many ideas that pharma must consider. All of this means there are challenges and questions that need answering, including:

• Assessing the innovation landscape today — How do we solve current business challenges with innovation, and how do we incorporate the innovation teams with marketing, IT, regulatory and even RD?
• Developing an overarching and global consumer engagement strategy — What is the level of innovation needed and how can we differentiate with offerings, not just on price?
• Bridging the gap between “pharma speed” and “digital speed” — How and what can we leverage from other sectors?
• Accounting for the absence of a “fail fast" mentality due to the underlying business — Can pharma adopt a company culture that is less risk averse and lends itself to improved operational efficiency to allow for more innovative tools and offerings?
• Engaging pharmacies — How can we establish pharmacy engagement as a growing part of the value chain?

The road to delivering true customer centricity and an experience that connects customers to your brand means that pharma needs to adapt. In order to transition from an assets position to a solutions one, pharma needs to address an important question: How can we launch for a solution, not just a product?

• What would you define as a “solution”? What would you measure differently?
• "Solutioning" implies outside the comfort zone thinking. How does your organization support that? Is innovation just a buzzword?
• What models or methods would you recommend marketers leverage to build solutions? E.g., journey mapping, design thinking and script journey.
• Pharma's innovation landscape today needs work. How can we solve current and future unmet market needs?
• There is value beyond the pill, and we need to actually go beyond a Patient Hub. But where does "beyond" take us from an executional perspective?
• Can pharma adopt a company culture that is less risk averse and lends itself to improved operational efficiency to allow for more innovative tools and offerings? Will this deliver solutions?
• How do you support ways of working within a cross functional environment that balances speed, relevance, demands and utility to get where we want to be, in terms rolling out solutions?
• What partners and how do you partner with specialty vendors that provide services?
• Success measurements: What are the key KPIs for solutions? How do you bridge KPIs to program return(s)?
• Technology while being an enabler can also take time to build and deploy. How do you all overcome these IT bottlenecks in solution delivery?

Well, this all sounds great — but in order to start working on and delivering these solutions, how do we manage the role of data insights, overcome in-house capabilities/limitations and store data internally?

• How are people, processes and technologies being used today by pharma marketers to separate out the signal from the noise that is inherent in all data types?
• Can pharma marketers truly cross the chasm (think of magnitudes of Ministries of Health, FDA, Health Canada, and European Medicines Agency) in leveraging “wellness data” locked in the consumer/payer market(s) to deliver patient engagement programs that create value in key therapy areas?
• Now that we have sales force automation and marketing automation in place, how can we make sure that fallible humans do not make these systems fallible? Can we ever do CLM effectively?
• What has worked in marketing mix modeling? What has not? How can you best get senior leadership to buy into the ways of working in this digital world? How can we best set up a framework of governance to measure and act on both leading and lagging indicators relative to brand marketing initiatives?
• How can we leverage data to be the common glue that builds relationships with legal, compliance, regulatory and R&D functions? How can we deploy AE and PV processes that deliver compliance and insights?
• What about the smaller guys? Many times in a smaller company prelaunch the commercial technologies that are being built are not fully appreciated by other functions. How can these walls be broken down? E.g., Can call trees can serve your medical information group to capture AEs post launch?
• The dreaded three letter word – ROI. What gets measured gets done. Therefore, how do we measure the right things accurately?

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