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What Is the Future Pharma Enterprise and Business Model – Should We Know By Now? with Sai Punjabi, Jamie Rosati, Lisa Flaiz, and Ritesh Patel

It’s Not (Just) the Tech: Why Partnering and Business Models Enable the Future of Patient Care by James Musick, UCB

A Year in the Life: Profiling the Digital Transformation of a Life Science Company by Melissa Saw, BAYER

Data-Driven Health and Personalization by Jeff Arnold, SHARECARE

Engagement Equation: Increasing Pharma’s Probability of Success With Digital Advertising by Matthew Snodgrass and Michael Pearlman, SYNEOS HEALTH

How the California Consumer Privacy Act Will Affect Pharma in 75 Days by David Reim, DMD

The Evolution of Media and How It’s Transforming the Relationships With Your Agency by Michael Deichmiller, BUTLER/TILL

Interview with Meghan Rivera, AMAG PHARMACEUTICALS

Interview with Fabrizio Caranci, MERCK


Interview with Jim DeLash, GLAXOSMITHKLINE

Connecting Emerging Innovation in the Health Technology and Digital Health Space... by James Musick, UCB PHARMACEUTICALS

The Roche and NAVIFY™Journey in Health IT, and Becoming a Digital Company by Rob Manor, ROCHE

Lessons Learned With Connected Health and Sensors: How to Derive Real Value by David Dejonghe, LIFESCAN, A JOHNSON & JOHNSON COMPANY

Engaging Stakeholders via Online Discussions by Rosemarie Sellati, BIOMARIN PHARMACEUTICAL INC. and Michael Kirby, WITHIN3

What We Learned From Website Visitor Identification Data in the Oncology Space by Mary Lassiter, DMD

First-Time Attendee Perspective of Digital Pharma West — Chris Conner, LIFE SCIENCE MARKETING RADIO

Interview with Tatsiana Gremyachinskiy, ABBOTT VASCULAR

Interview with Bryan Cohen, PFIZER, INC.

Interview with Karl Spilseth, MEDTRONIC

Interview with Dan Gandor, TAKEDA PHARMACEUTICALS

Facing Up to the Myths and Legends by Paul Reynolds, ALLERGAN

Better Media Management for a Dynamic Digital World by Robert Gargiulo, MYLAN

Establishing a Customer Engagement Ecosystem in a Digital World by Philippe Kirby, MSD INTERNATIONAL GMBH

Moving Beyond Cloud With Digital Innovation to Unify Process, Connect Data, and Turbocharge Innovation in Clinical Operations by Evi Cohen and Sathya Srinivasan, APPIAN

How Will Pharma Adapt to Successfully Engage HCPs? by Jalilah Gibson, GLAXOSMITHKLINE

Improving Neurology Patient Care With Digital by Hiromasa Mori, UCB PHARMACEUTICALS

Combination Drug Delivery Devices, Apps and Cloud Platform — Everyone Wins by Neil Williams, MEDICOM INNOVATION PARTNER LTD., A PHILLIPS-MEDISIZE COMPANY


Innovation and Risk Taking in the Pharmaceutical World by Daniel Seewald, PFIZER, INC.

Blurring the Lines Between Personal and Non-Personal Promotion by John Gallo, SUNOVION PHARMACEUTICALS

What Would Amazon Do? by Jeff Greene, DRG DIGITAL - MANHATTAN RESEARCH

How to Successfully Monetize Content Marketing by Robin Kamen, NEWSCRED

Uncovering New Opportunities for Programmatic in Healthcare by Chris Neuner, PULSEPOINT

Insights From a Year of Website Visitor Identification Data by Dave Reim, DMD

We asked 2017 Digital Pharma East attendees "What is the future of life science marketing?" from ExL Pharma.

Zen and the Art of Crowdsourcing: How Pfizer Leads Innovation by Using Crowd Power by Bryan Cohen, PFIZER, INC.

The Senior Management Perspective: Developing an Overarching Strategy... by Thomas Cannell, OREXIGEN THERAPEUTICS

Paid Social: A Necessary Evil or Your BFF? by Molly James-Lundak, ABBVIE

See Why Immersive Technologies, Like VR and AR, Should Become an Indispensable Part of Your Multichannel Strategy by Ben Voss, Sanjiv Mody, PIXACORE

Insights From a Year of Website Visitor Identification Data by Dave Reim, DMD

What is the future of life science marketing? from ExL Pharma.


2016 Digital Pharma East Pharma Keynote Session: Digital Pharma Marketing: 2026 from Fred Bennett, ALLERGAN

2016 Digital Pharma East Keynote Session: The Big Picture: Modernizing the Pharma Business Model @GSK from Matt Lasmanis, GLAXOSMITHKLINE.

2016 Digital Pharma East Session: A Camera, an Airstream and an Open Mind from Mark Bard, DIGITAL HEALTH COALITION...

2016 Digital Pharma East Executive Summary


2015 Digital Pharma East Executive Summary


2014 Digital Pharma East Executive Summary

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