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We invite you to download the extensive brochure, agenda, and content to judge for yourself how the 13th Annual Digital Pharma East can help you to understand how you can present business plans, justify budget, innovation and de-risk proposals getting shut down. Essentially, understand how you can return to the office and become a champion for internal digital needs!

New Topic Themes for 2019:

Bridging the Organizational Gaps Digitally — Transforming Into the Modern Digitized Organization
Why should you attend these sessions?

Is there a disconnect between your overlapping divisions? IT execs — are your Reps not properly utilizing the new tools/tactics/ technologies you have developed? Is Marketing not properly promoting these to the Reps? Marketing execs — is IT not taking on board the feedback you have received from Reps on physician visits to tweak/improve said technologies/tactics?

Whether IT, Marketing, or Reps, join these sessions to understand how to bridge the gaps seamlessly between your divisions to optimize communication, marketing automation, and campaign ROI.

Build an Attribution Model for Analytics and ROI
Why should you attend these sessions?

Do you experience issues in how to track sales rep materials, attributing to which deck, which touchpoints are leading up to dollars? ROI as a bigger topic doesn’t immediately imply sales. How do you sell ROI internally? Data collection — are you as an organization going back and really understanding learnings from data once the campaign is over — leveraging data to improve predictive analytics? Join these sessions learn how to use this data using to make decisions — benchmarking for average costs, telesales ROI vs. in-person visits. If you see little to no office access, how do you penetrate that wall? Understand how digital is your tool to get access and measure that impact.

How Are We Using Data Science to Better Inform Us to Develop Better Content? Transitioning From Analytics to Data Science
Why should you attend these sessions?

Discern true customer insights into behavior to be able to take predictive measures and incorporate tools.

Pharma started to innovate and partner to bring in data, tools, and technology, but many are still looking for how to be successful with these new endeavors. One key aspect is that the people in an organization need to be prepared to utilize it and put these new tools against real business cases. In this session, we will explore key questions that organizations should ask before diving into RWE, data and explore how to embed data and tech-driven decision-making into the company culture and deliver predictive tools.

Omnichannel Engagement
Why should you attend these sessions?

Breaking down the engagement model: fully digital, traditional, integrated. Understand how to develop and implement a multichannel strategy and vision for HCP, Patient, Payer, and Medical non-face-to-face customer touchpoints. Optimize your marketing automation; connecting marketing and technology to drive MCM customer experiences.

Patient Engagement and Patient Support Services
Why should you attend these sessions?

Patients want support from pharma in navigating the systems, not just on cost. How can you help to manage the patient experience given new governmental systems?

These sessions will analyze the future in patient engagement, patient support programs, and tying the revenue side of it. We will not treat patient support services as a CSR initiative. Understand how to design and implement and show real results. Discern how you can “recover” money spent on these patient services.

How Is the Declining Reimbursement Market Affecting the Current Business Model?
Why should you attend these sessions?
Optimizing Your Organizational Readiness for Innovation

It has become very apparent that the script is flipping in pharma — disruption is coming; it’s just a matter of how soon. So, how can we accelerate commercial service offerings in this time of change and unlock value? These groups of sessions will focus on how life science organizations are doubling down on Customer Obsession and driving a culture change fueled by data. Going beyond “value add” to develop a business model the creates service revenue.

You will hear how innovation projects are accelerating and find more modern ways to measure impact. You will also gain practical tips to help jumpstart your disruption journey, understand how to commercialize digital health, and assign an accurate ROI to digital therapeutics and digital medicines.

Patient Centricity and Digital Interactions — What Is and Is Not Patient Centricity?

  • Examine patient centricity and digital tools for increasing adherence rates
  • Recognize how pharma can navigate the patient journey to deliver better outcomes through innovative digital initiatives with patient co-creation at the heart
  • Evaluate pharma’s ability to build a business model that can deliver on:
    • Putting patients first and thinking like a patient
    • Empowering the engaged patient
    • Understanding that patients are at “The Center of What We Do”
    • Delivering a positive patient experience
    • Moving beyond the Patient Hub

The Creation of a More Integrated Customer Experience: How Do We Connect Content, Channels, and Analytics in HCP Targeting?

  • Gain customer insights by mapping your customer journey
  • Identify new areas of content and preferred channels
  • Deliver customer behavior insights from digital analytics
  • Adapt your business model to focus on the customer instead of your brand
  • Move away from a sales rep-centric mentality to engage the physician and integrate the sales rep as a "channel" to use to reach your audience
  • Evaluate physician-interfacing tools and strategies
  • Pull it all together to design a new customer experience

The Power of a Multichannel Strategy that Addresses Modern Customer Needs and Delivers ROI: Are You Ready to Link Your Myriad Activities Together to Create a Seamless User Experience?

  • Overcome fears associated with deploying new tactics without a precise way to measure their effectiveness
  • Learn how to deploy a multichannel strategy using cloud and mobile technologies
  • Develop a framework that provides an early warning system and delivers timely leading indicators to quickly adjust tactics while its insights into lagging indicators measure cost-effectiveness and return
  • Find a successful recipe for disseminating & maximizing both unbranded and branded messages via multiple digital channels
  • Collaborate across functions to define measures at key customer touchpoints
  • Discuss the use of predictive analytics
  • Establish whether rep-driven marketing fits into the puzzle
  • Debate whether senior management within pharma generally drives multichannel, or whether the impulse comes more from brand or BU managers — and which approach is the most advantageous
  • Understand the two types of MCM practitioners: those that use MCM to communicate traditionally, and those that understand customer behaviors have changed and use MCM to communicate differently

Today’s Innovation Landscape: How Can We Incorporate Innovation Teams Across the Business and Use Innovative Methods to Solve Business Challenges?

  • Form a connection between “pharma speed” and “digital speed” by leveraging resources from other sectors
  • Determine whether pharma organizations can adapt to a more innovative company culture that will improve operational efficiency and create new tools and offerings
  • Recognize that pharma organizations can transition from being asset companies to solutions providers by changing the mentality of product launches:
    • Explore the definition of a “solution” and decide what you would measure differently
    • Examine whether your organization thinks outside its comfort zone
    • Discuss methods that can be used to build solutions, such as journey mapping, design thinking and script journeys
    • Establish how to work and roll out solutions in a cross-functional environment while balancing speed, relevance, demands, and utility
    • Identify the key KPIs for solutions, and how to bridge KPIs to program returns

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Download the 2019 Conference Documentation

Get all of the conference documentation for this event! Conference Documentation
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