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2019 Leading International Speakers Include

Welcome to the 11th Annual Edition of Digital Pharma Europe! For 2019 we are delighted to announce that the 11th Annual edition will be hosted at Merck Serono, in Rome.

From our own detailed market research allied to our partnership with Merck Serono, we are extremely confident that, for 2019, the event will provide true value to the full pharma value chain, inclusive of the new non-traditional players entering the space.

This year we will be focused on helping pharma understand how to evolve and adapt to the rapidly changing global healthcare ecosystem, and to the rapidly changing needs and dynamics of its customers. In essence: Understand Digital Marketing and the Evolution of The Engagement Model In The Era of AI.

A summary of some of the practical insights you stand to gain from the only event hosted and developed in partnership with a pharmaceutical company?

  • Innovating your patient support programmes and physician engagement
  • Digital strategy: what is the measure of success
  • Change management and the role of the customer facing functions (orchestration) Rep trigged email vs. email marketing
  • Breaking down the engagement model: fully digital, traditional, integrated
  • Evaluating your direct to patient strategy
  • Multi-stakeholders approach: integrated channel optimisation
  • Breaking down the data strategy and new engagement models

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Download the 2019 Conference Documentation

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