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DIGITAL INNOVATION LAB | Tuesday, 4 June 2019
Registration and Morning Coffee
Opening Remarks From the Chair
Shwen Gwee, General Manager, Head of Open Innovation and Co-Founder Novartis Biome, NOVARTIS
Case Study Better Understanding and Leveraging the Mindset and Skills of Field Force Regarding Digital Tools

This session will focus on the results of an internal Pfizer survey, the conclusions we took from that and the actions we implemented to improve channel usage and acceptance.
This will focus specifically on the mindset of the field force; because they know the needs and preferences of pharma customers best and their behaviors will influence how customers perceive pharma.

  • What is the role of field force in the age of multichannel marketing?
  • Tools, skills and mindset — What are drivers, what are barriers for digital transformation?
  • How to improve channel acceptance and usage among FF

Thorsten Mintel, Director, Customer Operations, PFIZER, GERMANY
Case Study AI Is the New BI

Mastering analytics is a source of competitive advantage and with the new technologies will become more and more important. Pharma companies are in a race to move from traditional to prescriptive analytics, and to win the race you need not only to master on data and technology but to succeed in change management. Giorgio will present M.A.R.C.; the Merck Serono virtual agent that is helping their Medical Representative to navigate into data complexity to plan their activities in order to better answer to the healthcare professionals’ information needs

Giorgio Pinci, Director, Commercial Operations, MERCK BIOPHARMA, ITALY
Case Study Ecosystem Innovation: Putting a Value on Co-Creation (MSD Innovation Factory)

Healthcare and Pharma are going through extremely Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) times due to external and internal factors. As we expand our horizons and we look again into our traditional Pharma Sales and Marketing business models, we need to find new, effective ways to partner with the ecosystem to unleash more meaningful and sustainable innovation in order to increase the value creation of our solutions.

The MSD Innovation Factory is an open innovation vehicle that leverages the power of the ecosystem to bring customers and business needs to the forefront. By exposing those needs to the external world, we engage with new partners (some of them with no Pharma experience) to co-create innovative business models with a win-win mindset.

By rapidly prototyping, validating, and iterating our ideas, we create customer solutions that adapt better to their needs, optimise the use of resources, and maximise value creation for our patients, HCPs, partners, and MSD.

Mauricio Campos Suarez, Head of IT and Digital Innovation MEA Region, MSD INTERNATIONAL, SWITZERLAND
Case Study #Digital #Devices #Success #Learnings: Learnings and Key Success Factors for the Adoption and Continuous Use of Digital Medical Devices

Digital medical devices and virtual clinics are making inroads in diabetes management. We will review several commercial implementations of such solutions, outline the critical elements for success and discuss the learnings. We will reflect on the benefits and incentives for stakeholders, and what is needed to change current behaviours and attitudes.

Milena Saleh, Global Director, Digital Health, SANOFI PRIMARY CARE, GERMANY
Networking Luncheon
Panel Discussion Open Innovation in the Modern Pharma Enterprise

Shwen Gwee, General Manager, Head of Open Innovation and Co-Founder Novartis Biome, NOVARTIS


John Pugh, Health and Life Science Team Leader, ACCENTURE INTERACTIVE, UK

Case Study Simulating Patient Matching in Clinical Trials Using a Property Rights Blockchain

Biomedical data processing typically requires the secure stepwise transfer of sensitive personal information across multiple parties. Mediating such operations using blockchains has been proposed. The Bitmark Property Rights blockchain was used to design and simulate the process of assessing the suitability of individuals to enroll in specific clinical trials. The trial matching simulation demonstrated that blockchains could, in principle, implement complicated multiparty interactions, such as those associated with medical data exchange, without supplemental peer to peer communications. However, maintaining control and provenance of medical data, titled via blockchains, but exchanged separately from the blockchain, requires auxiliary applications. A virtual infrastructure environment, the Health Data Trust, that integrates blockchain and virtual controls is proposed as a model for individual health information management

Jay Bergeron, Director, Translational and Bioinformatics, PFIZER, INC., USA
Sean Moss-Pultz, CEO and Co-Founder, BITMARK HEALTH, ICELAND/USA
Afternoon Break
Healthtech/Medtech Start-Up Company Pitches and Barracuda Bowl

An opportunity for start-up companies to ‘pitch’ their product, both to the audience and to our panel of judges in 10-minute minipresentations. It is an excellent way for our Pharma and medical device organisations to observe the innovation developed in life sciences technologies and network with startups, mentors, stakeholders, and investors in digital health, healthcare, medtech, biotech, life sciences, and agtech organisations. Health IT investors, innovation managers, brand teams from pharmaceutical companies, intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs, startups, and mentors are all able to connect in this unique learning and networking experience.

At this event last year, one of our start-up companies received investment funding from a Pharma brand team to show the tangible worth of this event!

Barracuda Bowl: Succession of 10-Minute Healthtech Start-Up Pitches
A panel of judges question the startups to better understand the business propositions whilst also giving the audience a chance to interact — with a view to choosing a winner!
Close of Digital Innovation Lab
MAIN CONFERENCE DAY ONE | Wednesday, 5 June 2019
Registration and Morning Coffee
Opening Remarks From the Chair
OPENING KEYNOTE ADDRESS Taking a Strategic Vision for the Pharma Business: Digital Marketing and the Evolution of the Engagement Model in the Era of AI
Antonio Messina, General Manager, MERCK BIOPHARMA, ITALY
Opening Remarks From the Chair
Case Study How Digital Therapeutics Increase Access to Healthcare
Florian Schubert, Director, Digital Strategy, SANDOZ, GERMANY
Case Study Healthcare Transformation: Creating a Fully Digitally Enabled Pharma Business

Support a strategy for business functions, franchises, and regions in building up and embedding digital capabilities in the business. Learn how to work closely with IT to move digital solutions from inception into operations, and manage key digital providers/partners along the way.

Thomas Hummel, Head of Healthcare Digital, MERCK, SWITZERLAND
Case Study Developing the New Global Selling Model: Towards Commercial Excellence: From Strategy to Execution, Maximising Customers’ Impact
  • Overview of the creation of a global commercial excellence dept.
  • Optimizing the organisation of the team
  • Cooperation with:
    • local teams
    • Related departments
    • Projects and priorities
  • Focusing on the project of developing the New Global Selling Model
Alessandro Milli, Head of Global Commercial Excellence, Strategic Planning and Global Commercial Excellence, ZAMBON
Morning Networking Break
Beyond Compliance — Brand Reputation and Risk in Pharma

Ensuring regulatory compliance on social is a key concern for any marketer in the pharmaceutical industry, however forecasting key risks to the reputation of your brand and having a plan to monitor and respond to them should be as high a priority in a landscape where market value can tumble in the wake of scandal, misinformation or badly handled crises. In this session, you’ll discover the headline risks to pharmaceutical reputation and how to avoid or mitigate a PR crisis for your brand.

Emma Monks, Vice President, Crisis Intelligence, CRISP
Leveraging Technology for Optimal Stakeholder Engagement
  • Hear about the geographic, logistical and scheduling challenges facing internal and external stakeholder engagement
  • Learn about innovative, technological solutions that can be implemented in order to overcome these challenges
  • Discuss the use of these tools that foster peer-to-peer learnings, as well as seamless resource dissemination
  • Explore real-world case studies
Lance Hill, CEO, WITHIN3, USA
Monica Ingebrigtsen, Senior Medical Liaison, TAKEDA PHARMACEUTICALS, NORWAY
Case Study Review of the Modern Commercial System Portion of CRM/MCM: How LEO Pharma Enabled the Integration of Multiple Systems to Support the Multichannel Customer Journey
Federico Fanti, Global Head of Commercial Operations, LEO PHARMA, DENMARK
Panel Discussion How to Not Only Survive but Prosper in Digital Marketing Given the Evolution of the Engagement Model in the Era of Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital strategy: What is the measure of success?
  • Innovating your patient support programmes and physician engagement
  • Change management and the role of customer-facing functions (orchestration)
  • Rep-triggered email vs. email marketing
  • Breaking down the engagement model: Fully digital, traditional, integrated
  • Evaluating your direct-to-patient strategy
  • Multi-stakeholder approach: Integrated channel optimisation
  • Exploring the data strategy and new engagement models

Marco Tordone, Commercial Excellence, MERCK BIOPHARMA, ITALY, ITALY

Case Study How to Sustain a Digital Transformation Strategy: Enable a Seamless and More Integrated Customer Experience
  • Pharma’s digital trends
  • Invest in a customer-centric operating model as a key driver for digital transformation
  • Multichannel strategies and the evolution of the sales rep role
Alessandra Ingenito, Digital Channel Enablement Lead, PFIZER, ITALY
Intelligent Automation in R&D — Driving Patient Centricity and Precision Medicine Strategies

Talking about the company’s automation journey in R&D, e.g., supporting R&D operational efficiencies to drive higher levels of staff productivity and reducing costs. This could also lead to staff being able to focus on higher value work within the clinical trial and regulatory submission processes, leading to better patient experiences in clinical trials and also freeing up valuable resources to drive better drug development.

Drew Sonden, Partner Solutions Consultant, EMEA BLUE PRISM
Afternoon Break
Case Study Driving Digital Marketing Transformation for a Sustained Change
  • Why the need to change?
  • Can we be agile delivering transparency, inspection, and adaptation
  • How do we take our whole organisation on a journey inc sales, medical, and marketing
Luke Saunders, Global Digital Content Manager, MSD, UK, UK
Creating a Compelling Patient Experience, Forgetting the Patient (Just for a Second)

This speech will focus on the importance of the employees' experience and it will be enriched by some cases related to the pharma sector. After a long period in which analysts and operators have emphasized the importance of the customer experience, the time has come for employees' revenge. The Employee Experience is today the new frontier of Customer Experience, since it has become increasingly clear that organizations cannot meet the expectations of their external partners if they are not able to better manage their most precious resource: the people who constitute them. In the age of digital transformation, understanding how to motivate and make employees happy is simply essential. Being able to do this involves making the best use of disruptive factors like artificial intelligence, robots, big data, algorithms, the blockchain. Taking the distances from the alarmism raised by these arguments with respect to the future of work, it is important to understand how these very recent technological developments - whose further rise is however unstoppable - can become the most fantastic allies of the employees. However, for the employees' experience to be optimized, there is work to be done: in particular, it is essential to have a valid Employee Journey model,

Rosario Sica, Founder and CEO, OPENKNOWLEDGE
Case Study How to Create a Formidable Digital Success?
  • Actual Pharma Digital and Social analysis
  • Social Listening
  • Go live
Gaetano Dolgetta, Brand Manager OTC, SANDOZ A NOVARTIS DIVISION, ITALY
Case Study Digital Strategy and Building an Attribution Model: What Is the Measure of Success?
Chetak Buaria, Global Head of Commercial Excellence, MERCK, GERMANY
Conclusion of Day One and Networking Cocktail Reception
MAIN CONFERENCE DAY TWO | Thursday, 6 June 2019
Registration and Morning Coffee
Case Study Overcoming the Challenges Digital Marketers Face When Introducing New Technologies in the Traditional Pharma Industry Which Is Not Comfortable With Rapid Changes

A digital marketer’s objective is to facilitate the process of following and monitoring the relationship with our customers (physicians, wholesalers, patients) on a personal level. Each email or telephone number has a person behind it and we want to know them to be able to provide better service and meet their needs. We do this by integrating dispersed data through the creation of a single MDM system in a global company. Some of the challenges are internal barriers, which are removed by creating a common understanding of the complexities of the tasks at hand, and the importance of the digital transformation in the fast-changing healthcare environment, which is penetrated by non-Pharma companies.

Zvonimir Matutinović, Global Head, Digital Services Unit, CRM and Digital Operations Manager, TEVA, CROATIA
Case Study The Power of Digital Partnerships and Innovation in Service Design Through Partnerships in Pharma

The story behind the award-winning launch of the Maloff Protect in the digital partnership between Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, British Airways and Boots.

Katja Lundell, General Manager and Senior Director, United Kingdom and Nordics Cluster, GLENMARK PHARMCEUTICALS
Morning Networking Break
Case Study Making a Modern Multichannel World in Pharma Then Proving Its Value

Tired of hearing how consumer marketing businesses are moving through digitisation, personalisation, and microsegmentation while Pharma watches from the sidelines? Let’s talk about staying relevant and building successful digital marketing from the ground up.

Alex Jackson, Director, Digital Marketing, GLAXOSMITHKLINE, UK
We Hear You: Responding to Customers Across a Changed Communication Value Chain

  • How can pharma do more to support the needs of HCPs and patients alike with improved content and access?
  • How will emerging technologies and the improved adoption of current technologies help us better communicate and remain competitive?
  • Join this session to better understand how pharma can be a resource through digital channels while remaining compliant
Sari Carter, Head of Marketing, ANTHILL AGENCY, DENMARK
Case Study Multi-Stakeholder Approach: Integrated Channel Optimisation
Maurizio Canzonetta, Head of Multichannel Excellence, MERCK BIOPHARMA, ITALY
Networking Luncheon
Case Study Blending Engagement in a Synergistic Way to Deliver the Right Information in a Manner That Works for Your Target Stakeholders
  • Broaden your horizons with new technology transforming marketing tools
  • Integrate your channels to create a CRM system that wins and retains customers and boosts brand reputation
Berfu Tavelli, Digital Initiatives Manager, SANOFI, TURKEY
Case Study Agility Within Healthcare in the Age of Digital Transformation
Fraser Wood, Global Director, Digital and Agile, MSD, UK
Afternoon Networking Break
Case Study Unpacking Customer Experience in Pharma

Healthcare companies are using technology to engage patients, providers and payers across the entire product life cycle. Before our brands can accomplish their business goals, our customers need to be able to accomplish theirs. User experience and usercentric design is critical. So how do we harness the transformative power of digital technology to provide customer-centric digital experiences that drive value for our patients and brands? We will discuss Customer Engagement — what it is, why it matters and how to map impact to business imperatives.

János Pénzes, International eMarketing Manager,
 Digital Center Of Excellence Lead, GEDEON RECHTER
The Future Of Connected Asthma And COPD Care: A Stepwise Development
  • Non-adherence to medication is a critical problem in the area of chronic diseases, especially in association with Asthma and COPD
  • Connected devices can play a key role in improving this situation
  • A simplified scenario analysis is presented to provide insights into the future of connected asthma and COPD care in the US and Europe
  • H&T Presspart's eMDI and Quantum dose indicator are demonstrated as they are examples of relevant products within future Asthma and COPD care
Benjamin Jung, Program Manager, Connected Devices, H&T PRESSPART, GERMANY
Closing Remarks From the Chair and Close of Conference

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