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Registration and Morning Coffee
Opening Remarks From the Chair
Shwen Gwee, General Manager, Digital Accelerator, Global Drug Development, NOVARTIS
International Case Study
Digital Marketing for Sustainable Physician Engagement and Brand Building

  • Research into the behavior of physicians with respect to digital marketing and health tools:
    • It covers their interest levels
    • Time preferences
    • Platform preferences
    • Their “stickiness level” for digital marketing

  • Engaging customers with digital health solutions such as Medical Webinar portals: The First Virtual Hospital of Pakistan
  • Customised website development portal:
    • How these channels help actually engaging and enticing Pharma to engage customers for sustainable Pharma Physician engagement
    • How a webinar portal can actually educate doctors in rural areas

    Syed Umair Maroof, Director Bussines Unit — Market Access, GETZ PHARMA, PAKISTAN
    Case Study
    MSD Innovation Factory: Unleash Value Creation Through Open Innovation and Ecosystem Co-Creation

    Healthcare and Pharma are going through extremely Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) times due to external and internal factors. As we expand our horizons and we look again into our traditional Pharma Sales&Marketing business models, we need to find new effective ways to partner with the ecosystem to unleash more meaningful and sustainable innovation in order to increase the value creation of our solutions.

    MSD Innovation Factory is an open innovation vehicle that brings customers and business needs to the centre. By exposing those needs to the ecosystem, we engage with new partners to co-create innovative business models with a win-win mindset.

    By rapidly prototyping, validating and iterating our ideas we create customer solutions that adapt better to their needs, optimise the use of resources and maximise value creation for our patients, HCPs, partners and for MSD.

    Mauricio Campos Suarez, EEMEA Regional IT Director, MSD, SWITZERLAND
    Case Study
    Maintaining and Continuing to Improve a Strategic Hub for Customer Interaction Excellence With Three Focus Areas
  • Digital interaction
  • Congresses and events
  • CRM/digital intelligence
  • Danilo Pagano, Head of Global Customer Interaction Management, LUNDBECK, DENMARK
    Morning Networking Break
    Case Study
    Creating Greater Value for People With Diabetes: The Case of Digitalisation in Diabetes

    The area of diabetes management has seen an explosion of digital investment over the past five years — from pharma incumbents, medical device companies, small digital startups and digital mastodons, to payers and provider networks. They are all very committed to making a change in the life of people with diabetes. However, few of their efforts have materialised in scalable products, reimbursement or sales. We will review the market dynamics, the competitive advantages, and the benefits people with diabetes and providers can expect from these digital innovations — along with the likelihood of payers to adopt them and drive usage.

    Milena Saleh, Global Director of Digital Health, SANOFI
    Case Study
    Prof. Rowland Illing, DM, MRCS, FRCR, Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President, AFFIDEA
    Networking Luncheon
    SOCIAL/INNOVATION DAY | Wednesday, 9 May 2018
    Introduction From the Chair
    Shwen Gwee, General Manager, Digital Accelerator, Global Drug Development, NOVARTIS
    Prof. Shafi Ahmed, Chief Medical Officer, MEDICAL REALITIES
    A Digital Approach to Managing Advisory Boards and Working Groups

    The legacy approach in implementing advisory boards and working groups is getting people together to meet in person. This can often be very time and cost prohibitive. In addition, it is often difficult to gain traction or sufficiently follow up with advisors using this methodology. By leveraging technology, there is a better way to gather timely insights and collaborate on projects. We invite you to participate in this interactive discussion where we will focus on:

  • Why it is important to create a comprehensive KOL engagement plan using a Campaign of Interactions® framework in mind.
  • How the Impetus InSite Platform® can be leveraged to create authentic boards comprised of multiple “touchpoints” throughout the year.
  • Which asynchronous online tools create the greatest customer engagement and activity completions by advisors.
  • How to create a private, password protected, company branded portal that is secure, compliant, and turn-key.
  • How to improve the quantity and quality of insights retrieved from advisors without increasing costs.
  • Natalie Yeadon, Co-Owner and Managing Director, IMPETUS DIGITAL
    Dr. John Reeves, Chief Medical Officer, CONVERSATION HEALTH
    Afternoon Break
    Using AI to Predict and Prevent In-Hospital Deterioration
  • The problem of the deteriorating patient
  • The power of existing routine data to predict patients at risk of deterioration
  • The technology to turn predictions into better outcomes
  • Communication is key
  • Vishal Nangalia, MD, NHS England Clinician Entrepreneur, Co-Founder, MENDIHEALTH
    The Fireside Chat

    Twenty minutes in which various innovation platforms will outline and present on the strides being made by innovation platforms and pharma/ med devices in unison – and where actionable initiatives can be leveraged in the healthcare space.

    This will be followed by an additional twenty minutes where both take part in a “Fireside Chat” in which they discuss the challenges of leveraging these platforms as tools for engaging customers in healthcare, the feedback, benefits and ultimate practical successes.


    Shwen Gwee, General Manager, Digital Accelerator, Global Drug Development, NOVARTIS

    Chat Participants:

    John Pugh, Senior Manager, ACCENTURE INTERACTIVE, UK
    Ulf Hengstmann, Digital Innovation Manager, BAYER BUSINESS SERVICES, GERMANY
    Amy Landucci, SVP, Global Head Consumer Healthcare IT, GLAXOSMITHKLINE, USA

    Healthtech/Medtech Start-Up Company Pitches and Barracuda Bowl

    An opportunity for start-up companies to “pitch” their product, both to the audience, and to our panel of judges in 10-minute mini presentations. It is an excellent way for our pharma and medical device organisations to observe the innovation being developed in life sciences technologies and network with startups, mentors, stakeholders and investors in digital health, healthcare, medtech, biotech, life sciences and agtech organisations. Health IT investors, Innovation managers as well as brand teams from pharmaceutical companies, intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs, start-up mentors are all able to connect in this unique learning and networking experience.

    At this event last year, one of our start-up companies received investment funding from a pharma brand team to show the tangible worth of this event!

    10-Minute Start-Up Pitches
    Barracuda Bowl
    Panel of judges question the startups and better understand the business propositions; whilst also giving the audience a chance to interact – with a view to choosing a winner!
    Close of Disruptive Technologies and Social/Innovation Day
    MAIN CONFERENCE DAY ONE | Thursday, 10 May 2018
    Registration and Morning Coffee
    Opening Remarks From the Chair
    Case Study
    Pharma and Digital – Facing Up to the Myths and Legends

    Too often we are celebrating digital innovation in Pharma which has no shelf life, drives little change and eventually burns out because we forget that we need to keep rebuilding our content to ensure our customers stay engaged.

    Paul Reynolds, Associate Vice President at Allergan, Head of Specialty Care and Established Brands (International), ALLERGAN, UK
    Case Study
    Better Media Management for a Dynamic Digital World

    Managing digital media while continually improving performance across all digital channels is difficult. To solve complex issues, it is best to divide the problem into smaller, more manageable pieces. As we look to do this for digital media management, several things become apparent:

  • The marketing funnel is a series of funnels that may live in different places in your digital ecosystem
  • Time on site and pages viewed are not important metrics for managing digital media
  • Your creative and UX teams are just as important as your media planners and buyers in driving media success
  • Robert Gargiulo, Marketing Director, Mylan Consumer Healthcare, MYLAN, USA
    Case Study
    Operationalizing an MCM Strategy in the Field
  • Failure to Launch – How NOT to operationalize an MCM Strategy with the field sales force
  • Stumbling on a brand – Creating the buzz and why it matters
  • Launching for success – Winning their heads, hearts, and guts!
  • Inspect what you expect – Measure twice then measure again.
  • Parker Richardson, Director, Digital Asset Management and Approval Program, GLAXOSMITHKLINE
    Morning Networking Break
    Case Study
    Data Analytics: From What Has Happened to What Shall We Do?
    With the flood of data available these days, companies are turning to analytics solutions to extract meaning from the huge volumes of data to help improve decision making. The promise of doing it right and becoming a data driven organization is profound. This talk will explore 3 different types of analytics and how each of these experiential classifications are helping to redefine decision making.

    Andreas Panteli, Digital Insights and Measurement Manager, NOVARTIS, SWITZERLAND
    The Psychology of Digital Collaboration

    Technology has enabled the “new world of work” where telecommuting and virtual task groups have become the norm. But how does all of this affect “how” we work, build relationships, and express ourselves as individuals? Join us for this informative session where we will discuss:

  • Email and instant messaging and how these have contributed to information, work and social overload and what we have done to adapt
  • Online social networks and their impact on how we locate experts in our fields, form virtual groups, and build social capital
  • The paradox of “mobile proximity” and the skills required for joint knowledge production
  • Defining “ubiquitous” interactions and the tools required to optimize online collaboration and generative capacity
  • Understanding the requirements and nuances around knowledge processing and how personal motivation affects the success of mobile work environments
  • Human online footprints and the dynamics and ethics of big data analyses
  • Natalie Yeadon, Co-Owner and Managing Director, IMPETUS DIGITAL
    Case Study
    Outlining the Experiences of Digital Transformation From Within the AstraZeneca UK Organisation
  • Digital embedded in marketing vs central function
  • Digital planning as key for change
  • Driving digital capabilities in the organisation
  • Monitoring and reporting to support the digital transformation
  • Claudia Adreani, Digital Lead – UK, ASTRAZENECA, UK
    How to (Not) Lose a Customer in 10 Slides

    A lot of digital initiatives, including eDetailing, are prone to myths about cost and effectiveness. A large part of this is because even though we know digital allows us to capture data, the frameworks and processes to interpret and apply the data are often missing.

    When used to their fullest, digital solutions can not only serve to improve customer experiences when & where our customers prefer to be engaged, they can also help lower marketing costs while improving business impact. In this session, our aim is to concretely show how an optimally designed and implemented digital initiative can deliver measurable value using eDetailing as our focus:

  • Delve into the core offering of digital initiatives: interactivity that yields data
  • Understand the difference between pushing information and learning from your customer
  • Discover the impact possible when you bolster your marketing plan with data collection, reporting, analysis and your reactions to possible outcomes
  • Be challenged to consider that if your marketing plan doesn’t include how you will respond to data then you don’t have a marketing plan that’s fit for a digital world
  • Understand how changing the way you strategically approach your digital initiatives allows you to truly connect and personalize the customer experience (across their digital journey)
  • Sari Carter, Digital Strategist, ANTHILL AGENCY
    Kristian Marquardsen, Director of Technical Services, ANTHILL AGENCY, DENMARK
    Panel Disscussion
    Do We Need to Stop Using the Term 'Disruptive'? And What Do We Need to Do to Pave the Way for VR/AI/Chatbots and Any Technology That Can Improve Outcomes?
  • How can we re-term 'disruptive' to lean more towards patient experience?
  • VR/AR/Chatbots: A bucket of new ways for people to access media and services?
  • AI: One or two layers back from the user as an effective enabler for more personalized and relevant services and content?
  • Clinical trial data and innovation - where next?
  • Where does block chain fit in?
  • Other 'disruptive' technologies of the future?
  • Moderator:

    Shwen Gwee, General Manager, Digital Accelerator, Global Drug Development, NOVARTIS


    Dr. John Reeves, Chief Medical Officer, CONVERSATION HEALTH
    Natalie Yeadon, Co-Owner and Managing Director, IMPETUS DIGITAL

    Strolling Networking Luncheon
    Case Study
    Establishing a Customer Engagement Ecosystem in a Digital World
  • What are the key components?
  • What is critical to delivering a seamless customer experience?
  • What do you standardise and what do you localise?
  • Where is value derived for customers and for enterprises?
  • Philippe Kirby, Director, Customer Engagement Capabilities, MSD INTERNATIONAL GMBH, SWITZERLAND

    Moving Beyond Cloud With Digital Innovation to Unify Process, Connect Data, and Turbocharge Innovation in Clinical Operations

    Conducting and managing a successful, safe clinical trial is complicated. With massive data and complex processes at the core, it’s no surprise innovation is challenging yet very promising in the context of successful trials. Turbocharge your Innovation in Clinical Operations through Connected Data and Connected Processes

  • How cloud and next generation technology are fueling advanced approach to clinical trials
  • How leveraging intelligent systems with Machine Learning, AI, and RPA can drive efficiency and better chances dss in clinical trials
  • How to use disruptive thinking and discipline to drive clinical trial innovation
  • How to effectively connect the right data with the right processes to accelerate clinical trials, enhance quality without impacting security or increasing risk
  • How to apply agile systems to accelerate the organizational continued learning
  • How improving your orchestration capacity can accelerate value creation for customers
  • About an approach for integrating IoT into your IT & business ecosystems
  • Evi Cohen, Vice President, Global Life Sciences - Pharma/Biotech and Med. Devices, APPIAN
    Sathya Srinivasan, Principle Solutions Architect, APPIAN
    Afternoon Networking Break
    Case Study
    How Will Pharma Adapt to Successfully Engage HCPs?
  • What does success look like for the business and the customer? Determining the KPIs for valuable, business-boosting multi-channel strategies
  • Closing the loop! Informing future strategies with insights derived from your measurement strategies
  • When it is impossible to determine direct quantifiable results, what can you do to determine the business benefits?
  • Jalilah Gibson, Global Digital Channels Lead, GLAXOSMITHKLINE
    Case Study
    Improving Neurology Patient Care With Digital
  • Neurology is the latest challenge for digital healthcare. Sensor devices are becoming available but optimal technology mix is yet to be found
  • UCB is focused on values to the patients, especially in epilepsy and Parkinson’s Disease
  • Digital brings patient benefits in objective clinical measurements, remote care and granular patient stratification
  • Hiromasa Mori, Head of Neurology Patient Technology, Europe, UCB PHARMACEUTICALS, BELGIUM
    Case Study
    Combination Drug Delivery Devices, Apps and Cloud Platform — Everyone Wins
  • Societal impact of medication non-adherence
  • Commercial impact of improving adherence and persistence
  • Real-world solution(s) — A connected electronic auto-injector
  • Managing patient data, privacy and regulatory aspects of connected health
  • Neil Williams, Director Front-End Innovation – Head of Connected Health, MEDICOM INNOVATION PARTNER LTD.
    Conclusion of Day One and Networking Cocktail Reception
    If you are interested in hosting this session, please contact Jayson Mercado at or 212-400-6236.
    MAIN CONFERENCE DAY TWO | Friday, 11 May 2018
    Registration and Morning Coffee
    Opening Remarks From the Chair
    Session Outline To Be Determined
    Michel Girault, Global Multichannel Marketing Lead, VIFOR PHARMA, SWITZERLAND
    Handling the Hype — Which Innovations Do Your Customers Really Want?

    Between voice search, wearable devices, virtual patient consults, cognitive computing systems, virtual and augmented reality, and more, there are countless flashy new platforms impacting the healthcare space. It is nearly impossible for marketers to keep up with every trend and make strategic investments with limited time and budget. Join us for a discussion to learn how to:

  • Identify the emerging technologies and tools that resonate with HCPs and patients
  • Prioritise investment by customer content needs and channel content preferences in 2018
  • Develop criteria to evaluate innovations for potential investment in the years ahead
  • Jeff Wray, Director, Europe and APAC Research, DRG DIGITAL - MANHATTAN RESEARCH, UK
    Case Study
    Hello Doctor? The Implementation of Phone and Video As Part of Multichannel Marketing

    As HCPs evolve in their engagement with patients and how they manage their practice, pharma companies will have to transform their HCP-engagement approach.

  • The pros and cons of each channel
  • Understanding how medium effects massage
  • Getting marketers on board
  • Challenges in ongoing work
  • Should it be a part of every rep toolbox
  • Uri Goren, Digital Experience Lead – Pharma Innovative Solutions, TEVA PHARMACEUTICALS, ISRAEL
    Morning Networking Break
    Case Study
    How to Drive Business Impact With Social Media
  • It all starts with listening
  • Build a winning social media presence
  • Deliver publish and engage excellence
  • Mobilise the organisation
  • Cyril Mandry, Multichannel Marketing Director, MSD, SWITZERLAND
    Case Study
    Improving Digital and Traditional Channel Mix, Customer Centricity, and Interaction With FF/Standard Promotion
  • From NPP to Digital and back to NPP
  • How to make NPP and Digital a success
  • Consumer Digital — from creating a consumer story to a successful implementation
  • HCP digital —interaction with consumers
  • Igor Rudychev, Senior Director, Business Insights, ASTRAZENECA, USA
    Case Study
    Leading Innovation With Digital for Enhanced Customer Experience in the Pharma Industry
  • How the digital environment is changing healthcare
  • Analyzing new omnichannel communication with customers and doctors
  • In-depth review of an application of artificial intelligence at social media time: The chatbot
  • Claudio Cipriani, Customer Engagement Director, MSD, ITALY
    Case Study
    How Will Pharma Adapt to Successfully Engage HCPs?
    As HCPs evolve in their engagement with patients and how they manage their practice, pharma companies will have to transform their HCP-engagement approach.

    Anoo Mehmi, Global Digital Content Lead, VIIV HEALTHCARE, UK
    Strolling Networking Luncheon
    Case Study
    Evaluating Omnichannel in Pharma: Is It Possible or Simply a Really Big Challenge?
  • What are the requirements for a successful omnichannel campaign?
  • Is it possible to see the results of what we have delivered across channels?
  • How to close the loop
  • Dr. Selim Sariyerli, Global CRM and Digital Analytics Manager, FERRING PHARMACEUTICALS, SWITZERLAND

    Opening the Third Eye to Detailing — Immerse Detailing: Pharma’s New Boon
  • Immersive Content Strategy – What does it take? Immerse your HCPs through Immersive Experiences
  • Next Gen Technologies Driving Immersion - how does marketing capitalise on the Immersive Wave (The Right-Mix)
  • Immersive Marketing does it work? - pharma case studies
  • The Future of Content Marketing: challenges and adopting them
  • Mukund KS, Associate Director, IT (Emerging Markets), DR. REDDY'S LABORATORIES, INDIA
    Afternoon Networking Break
    Case Study
    Driving the Adoption of Meaningful Digital Technologies and Health Solutoins, Both in Marketing Communications and as an Added Value Customer Centric Services Model
    János Pénzes, M.D., International eMarketing Manager, Digital Center of Excellence Lead, GEDEON RICHTER, HUNGARY
    Closing Remarks From the Chair and Close of Conference

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