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DIGITAL INNOVATION LAB | Monday, June 24, 2019
Registration and Morning Coffee for Digital Innovation Lab Participants
Chairman’s Welcome
Shwen Gwee, General Manager, Head of Open Innovation and Co-Founder Novartis Biome, NOVARTIS
Case Study Changing the Experience of Health

G4A @ Bayer is a group of talents with one clear mission: “changing the experience of health.” G4A identifies critical challenges in our current healthcare system and develops feasible and viable solutions to solve patients’ unmet needs. The approach is rooted in behavioral science and design to develop new digital Health/DTx businesses. G4A’s three departments work together in an iterative approach:

  • G4A Intelligence: Identifying business opportunities with a focus on main challenges of the current healthcare system and patient unmet needs
  • G4A Ventures: Creating new businesses and solutions with a strong foundation on behavioral science and venture design, from the idea to the execution
  • G4A Partnerships: Collaboration programs with startups to co-create solutions for the unmet needs of the current healthcare system
Dr. Javier Garcia Palacios, Director, Digital Health Ventures G4A, BAYER
Case Study The Science of Storytelling

Humans have been telling stories for millennia, yet scientists and clinicians often find it hard to explain the value proposition of their science to venture capitalists and biopharma industry executives. This inability to describe research in a compelling way hinders healthcare startups from raising funds, attracting media attention, and connecting with future customers — but it doesn’t have to be so difficult. Using examples from journalism, big data analytics, and the real world, Ryan Flinn, a communications leader at Johnson & Johnson Innovation, will share the lessons he’s learned from nearly two decades as a storyteller, both as a journalist at Bloomberg News and as a media strategist.

Ryan Flinn, Innovation Integration Communication Leader, JOHNSON & JOHNSON INNOVATION (JLABS)
Measuring the impact of Data-Driven Engagement Solutions

As healthcare audiences are exposed to more sophisticated digital
marketing techniques, they’re becoming more discerning about how they
engage with brands vying for their attention. Join this session to learn:

  • How predictive analysis techniques engage HCPs at the individual level according to the learning formats they prefer, which medical topics interest them the most, and their preferred channels
  • How hyper-targeted mobile ads engage healthcare consumers andtheir doctors with contextually relevant content
  • How claim-based mobile programs support patient engagement and adherence with real-time messaging
  • Best practices for developing and measuring the impact of these programs on metrics that matter to your business
Morning Networking Break
Pharma Keynote The Business Case for Digital Health and Digital Therapeutics 101
  • Defining what digital therapeutics are in today’s market
  • A history of digital therapeutics and the difference between wider
    digital health
  • What the market looks like; who are the players one should consider?
    (i.e., not just pharma!)
  • What are some of the challenges faced as a pharma organization
    looking to explore/partner?
  • Call for a new process in the future, internally (how to review/approve),
    externally (to support reimbursement)
James Musick, Vice President, Head of Neurology Patient Technology U.S., UCB PHARMACEUTICALS
Keynote Session Building a Modern Brand That Connects How Upstart Bigfoot Biomedical Is Taking on the Established Players
  • Authentic Branding: Empathy can’t be faked
  • Social media strategies that rally patient communities
  • Leveraging research data to create brand resonance
Red Maxwell, Chief Marketing Officer, BIGFOOT BIOMEDICAL
Ready to Do Business on Day One?

Are you relying on yesterday’s playbook to launch tomorrow’s drugs? Digital has changed the game, but not all marketers know how to play by the new rules. In this session, you will learn how to develop
a Day One launch strategy that accounts for the latest digital trends, marketing technology, and regulatory requirements. Learn how to:

  • Avoid costly (but common) launch mistakes and oversights
  • Implement the tech stack you need to ensure a successful launch
  • Manage data to satisfy marketing and regulatory requirements
  • Get the right stakeholders on board at the right time
  • Maximize digital engagement with HCP and patient audiences
Robin Fossen, Vice President, Program Management, MELTMEDIA
Keynote Session Identifying Patients Before They’re at Risk: Case Study in Partnership and Machine Learning
  • Situation overview
    » Until recently, healthcare has not understood root causes well enough to prevent disease; main approach has been to treat patients after onset
  • Problem statement
    » While primary prediction scoring systems are routine for CV
    patients, ideally want to reach patients before primary events occur
    (e.g., heart attack, high blood pressure)
    » There are currently no guidelines for secondary CV risk
  • Solution
    » Amgen and start-up partner co-developing machine learning
    » Objective: Use existing EMR data from patients with single and
    multiple CVD events to develop statistical and machine learning
    models that predict secondary CVD events
  • Results and impact
    » Developing more accurate CVD risk prediction models could significantly impact approaches to disease prevention
    » Opportunity to explore other disease areas in addition to CVD
    » Broader role of partnership in sourcing, prototyping, piloting, and
    scaling novel technologies
Erich Wohlhieter, Executive Director, Digital Health, AMGEN
Networking Lunch
Keynote Voice, AI, Machine Learning and Bots for Healthcare
Pharma Keynote Strategic Vision for Digital Health/ Innovation and a Primer on the Mission for Novartis Biome
Shwen Gwee, General Manager, Head of Open Innovation and Co-Founder Novartis Biome, NOVARTIS
Afternoon Networking Break
Barracuda Bowl: Succession of 10-Minute Healthtech Start-Up Pitches

An opportunity for start-up companies to “pitch” their product,
both to the audience and to our panel of judges in 10-minute mini presentations. It is an excellent way for our pharma and medical device organizations to observe the innovation being developed in life sciences technologies and network with startups, mentors, stakeholders, and investors in digital health, healthcare, medtech, biotech, life sciences, and agtech organizations. Health IT investors, innovation managers as well as brand teams from pharmaceutical companies, intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs, startups, and mentors are all able to connect in this unique learning and networking experience.
At this event last year, one of our start-up companies received investment funding from a pharma brand team to show the tangible worth of this event!


Panel of judges question the startups and better understand the business propositions; whilst also giving the audience a chance to interact, pose questions — with a view to choosing a winner.


Close of Digital Innovation Lab and Cocktail Reception

MAIN CONFERENCE DAY ONE | Tuesday, June 25, 2019
Registration Opens, Continental Breakfast and Morning Coffee in Exhibition Hall
Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks Zoe and John’s 2019 Industry Welcome and Foreword!
Zoe Dunn, Principal, HALE ADVISORS
John Vieira, Head of Commercialization, SOL GEL TECHNOLOGIES
Pharma Keynote Profiling the Award-Winning “Speak Your Migraine” Unbranded Campaign That Paved the Way for One of the Most Successful Launches in Pharma History

As an industry, one way to view our world is as limited, due to regulatory guidelines. However, one solution that expands our opportunities is in creating content that is not about the nuts and bolts of your product but about the problems that it helps to solve. Unbranded content can be extremely useful to help patients and caregivers better understand their disease and symptoms, and
can also help to shape the markets in which we compete. Hear how one expert has used unbranded content to change the way patients and physicians think about a disease, and opened up new opportunities in a sleepy category.
The work we share in this discussion is around Speak Your Migraine, the unbranded campaign that paved the way for one of the most successful launches in Pharma history, and one of Time’s 2018 innovations of the year

  • Capturing stories to raise awareness and disease advocacy
  • Using social media to listen, learn and connect
  • Tactfully using data captured by your CRM
Kacey Moore, Marketing Director of Consumer, Neuroscience U.S. Marketing, AMGEN
Keynote Session Digital Transformation - More of the Same or Industry-Shifting Change
  • What do we all do in pursuit of digital transformation?
  • What’s behind of all this, all we do. Where is it coming from?
  • Is the digital revolution special?
  • A counter intuitive approach to digital transformation
  • A model to help guide the discussion
  • A shift in thinking
Guy Hadari, Global Chief Information Of cer and Senior Vice President, SHIRE PHARMACEUTICALS
500 Million Page Views a Month: What We’ve Learned About Physicians

With active monitoring of more than 700 medical websites, we have a view into the digital behaviors of more than 100,000 physicians in just the last 90 days. Content consumption behaviors alone have demonstrated unique insights. But this is just the beginning of where big data, natural language processing, and machine learning are going to take the industry. Buckle your seatbelts!
In this presentation we will:

  • Explore the online medical and non-medical ecosystem that serves as the source for this data
  • Juxtapose big data against small data, demonstrating the valuesmall data can bring to the pharma industry
  • Demonstrate how pharma companies are taking action with thendividual physician behavioral data
  • Outline the future of non-personal promotion
David Reim, Chief Privacy Officer, DMD
Keynote Session
Bharat Tewarie, Chief Marketing Officer and Exective Vice President, UCB
Morning Networking and Refreshment Break
Pharma Keynote How to Maximize Your Digital Transformation Through Partnership Between Marketing and IT
Trish Myers, Senior Director, Lilly USA IT, ELI LILLY
Pharma Keynote The Evolution of Multichannel Marketing in Pharma: It’s Not About Digital Marketing; It’s About Marketing in a Digital World
Paul Murasko, Senior Director, Digital Customer Interaction, IPSEN BIOPHARMACEUTICALS
Leveraging Technology for Optimal Stakeholder Engagement
  • Hear about the geographic, logistical and scheduling challenges
    facing internal and external stakeholder engagement
  • Learn about innovative, technological solutions that can be
    implemented in order to overcome these challenges
  • Discuss the use of these tools that foster peer-to-peer
    learnings, as well as seamless resource dissemination
  • Explore real-world case studies
Lance Hill, CEO, WITHIN3
Plenary Panel Discussion How Can I Get My Reimbursement From Innovation? Going Beyond “Value Add” to Develop a Business Model the Creates Service Revenue
  • How is the declining reimbursement market affecting the
    current business model?
  • Assessing your companies readiness for innovation; what does
    “value-added service” mean to you?
  • How can you set up a business case for innovation which
    meets the needs of your CIO, physician leaders, heads of sales, revenue, patient experience, and quality, safety, data privacy, and compliance officer
  • How can we begin to repackage existing services as a revenue source?
  • Value driving Innovation: How can you develop innovative partnerships and integrate this into the wider business ecosystem; with data provided and analyze patient-reported outcomes, patient behaviors, patient experience, etc.?
  • How can you attach an ROI to patient centricity, patient-centric business models, patient support services?

Nuvan Dassanaike, Head of Global Digital Innovation, ABBOTT
David DeJonghe, Senior Director, Head of Portfolio Strategy, LIFESCAN
Alvin Lin, Senior Director, Global Marketing, PORTOLO PHARMACEUTICALS
Lucian Marcinczyk, Head of Multichannel Capabilities, BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB
Tom Wagner, Director Program Management and Business Integration — Global Commercial Digital, ASTRAZENECA

Networking Strolling Lunch
TRACK A | Keeping up With Customer Expectations
TRACK B | HCP Engagement
Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
Case Study Take Back Control: Increasing Awareness and Reducing Stigma With Incontinence
  • The Vision and Value
    - Why customer experiences matter
    - When and where direct-to-consumer marketing makes sense in
  • The Pelvic Health Space
    - Context to the disease state, prevalence, and competitive landscape
  • Customer Experience Development Process - Audiences + journey mapping
    - Messaging + channel planning
    - Comm Plans + content development
    - Technology and delivery
  • Continuous Optimization
    - How to maximize the value and learnings of your DTC engagement
Amanda Malm, Consumer Marketing Manager, MEDTRONIC
Pharma Keynote Marketing Automation Under the Wider MCM Umbrella — Bridging the Gap Between IT, Marketing and Reps
  • Investing in platforms to drive marketing automation and the organizational change management that goes with it
  • Establishing a vision for connecting home-office marketing with sales force
  • Connecting disparate data to drive tactical plans
  • Developing customer experiences for targeted segments
Nazish Faruqi, Lead, Multichannel Marketing Orchestration, TAKEDA PHARMACEUTICALS
Patient Engagement Strategies Leveraging Artificial Intelligence Outline
  • Describe how artificial intelligence can be used to target patient
    engagement programs
  • Discuss how patients are prioritized for outreaches based on
    predictions about behavior and receptivity to available interventions
  • Show how machine learning algorithms can more quickly determine
    the best populations to target new interventions or engagement
  • How AI-powered patient engagement programs are impacting various
    therapeutic areas
  • Case study on the impact that using artificial intelligence had on a
    patient engagement program
Clifford Jones, CEO, ALLAZO HEALTH
Session Outline TBD
Justin Hipps, Vice President of Email and Digital Strategy, HEALTHLINK DIMENSIONS
Afternoon Networking and Refreshment Break
Panel Discussion Keeping up With the Customers

With customer expectations growing exponentially and social media changing daily, how do you keep up? Find out how to navigate platform changes, leverage features to meet customer expectations, and build nimble approaches to foster authentic engagement and drive deeper connections with your brands.


Amanda Phraner, Associate Director, Public Relations and Social Media, HORIZON PHARMA

Case Study
Steve Keller, Director, Digital Marketing and Strategy, GE HEALTHCARE
Artificial Intelligence — Super Hearing for Healthcare Marketers; Detecting Weak-but-Important Signals of Customer Behavior
  • Learn how voice interfaces are transforming how HCPs and patients interact with your brand, and explore the untapped potential that exists in your current marketing data
  • Understand how AI accelerates identification and validation of critical market insights that empower the creation of a competitive advantage
  • Discuss a real-world implementation of artificial intelligence that accelerates the collect, analyze, and execute cycle in marketing, so that you can be in position to act when opportunity arrives
Hans Kaspersetz, President and Chief Strategist, ARTERIC
HCP Digital Targeting and Measurement in a New Age of Privacy Healthcare
HCP Digital Targeting and Measurement in a New Age of Privacy Healthcare represents just 2.7% of all US digital advertising but is growing rapidly at just under 20% per year. As healthcare professionals become ever more difficult to reach via personal promotion, the value and effectiveness of programmatic and social advertising is increasing. This growing adoption comes during a time of ever increasing privacy concerns, policies and regulations. This session will focus on the value proposition of HCP digital advertising and explore how to maximize ROI while navigating the evolving privacy landscape.
  • Latest methods and technologies for programmatic targeting
  • Social opportunities and the changing policies of the major social platforms
  • What might CCPA mean for digital advertising
  • How can you do effective programmatic and cross-channel measurement while remaining privacy compliant
Bill Reinstein, CEO and CTO, MEDDATA GROUP
Panel Discussion Patient Engagement and Marketing — Breaking Down the Engagement Model: Fully Digital, Traditional, Integrated
  • How can you go where your customers are playing?
  • Direct-to-patient education — what are the tools/tactics and channels that are resonating best?
  • How to find a social media partner that can do more than just “listening”?
  • Innovative solutions for improving the patient experience
    • Patients want support from pharma in navigating the systems, not just on cost. How to manage patient experience given new governmental system
    • Patient support programs: Tying in the revenue side of it; not viewing it as CSR. How can we attach an ROI to patient engagement?
    • How do you design patient services given regulatory oversight and the demands patients have for customer experience in non healthcare sectors?
  • Given all of the above… what are the most important things to consider in patient marketing?

Jill Gannon, Senior Product Manager, HIV Marketing, GILEAD SCIENCES
Vera Toth-Fejel, Director of Patient Marketing and Advocacy, AIMMUNE THERAPEUTICS

Panel Discussion How to Not Only Survive but Prosper in HCP Marketing Given the Evolution of the Engagement Model in the Era of Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital strategy: What is the measure of success?
  • What are the challenges today in innovating physician engagement?
  • Change management and the role of the customer-facing functions (orchestration)
  • Rep-triggered email vs. email marketing
  • Breaking down the engagement model: Fully digital, traditional, integrated
  • Multi-stakeholder approach: Integrated channel optimization
  • Breaking down the data strategy and new engagement models
Conclusion of Day One and Networking Cocktail Reception

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Registration Opens, Continental Breakfast and Morning Coffee in Exhibition Hall
Morning Welcome From the Co-Chairs
Zoe Dunn, Principal, HALE ADVISORS
John Vieira, Head of Commercialization, SOL GEL TECHNOLOGIES
Pharma Keynote Customer Journey and Touchpoint Mapping: Do You Know What’s in Your Marketing Strategy Closet? When Was the Last time You Performed a CleanOut?
Allison Brown, Global Head of Employer Brand
Pharma Keynote Using Virtual Meetings to Engage Your Customers: Embracing the Shift From Face-to-Face, Live Meetings Between KOLs and HCPs to a Virtual Platform
  • Examining how we have changed our model to have the virtual,
    TV-style broadcast with HCPs
  • Analyzing the responses thus far
  • Profiling additional engagement tools such as polling and with
    the remote attendees to retain engagement
  • Transitioning to the next step: Two-way sessions using “Pando,”
    which is highly engaging and holds the attendees more
    accountable than a live meeting
Ken Gordon, Head of North America Multimedia, SANOFI
Your Doctors Are Learning With Video Games. And It’s a Win for Pharma
Sam Glassenberg, Founder and CEO, LEVEL EX
Morning Networking and Refreshment Break
Pharma Keynote
Alison Reichert, Director, Digital Strategy and Data Innovation, PFIZER, INC
PLENARY PANEL DISCUSSION Multichannel and Omnichannel Engagement in a World Where the Customers Have Evolved and Automation Increased
  • We’re still in a world where we talk about one or two channels in isolation or combination, but not full omnichannel strategies: How do we move from simply multichannel to omnichannel?
  • Moving away from rep-centricity: HCP omnichannel seems still centered around the representative experience first. We always start there, so how do we start from the customer POV or simply not just the reps?
  • As brands mature and marketers get more omnichannel experience, how do we balance and partner effectively with centers of excellence?
  • MCM and organizational change: Moving MCM COEs into Customer Experience COEs — how is this impacting engagement?
  • Defining the HCP experience today?
  • Direct-to-patient — the multichannel engagement model: Where is the patient fitting into customer engagement today?
  • Connecting marketing, automation, and technology to drive customer experiences

Benjamin Lei, Director of Marketing, Imbruvica, PHARMACYCLICS, AN ABBVIE COMPANY


Dan Gandor, Director, U.S. Customer Experience, Oncology and Virology, ABBVIE
Steve Goldsmith, Vice President, Marketing, SANOVAS

Networking Luncheon
Pharma Keynote Leveraging the Real World Data for Evidence Generation using Advanced Analytics

There is an increased availability of real world data from traditional claims and EHR data sources to patient generated such as wearables data as well as genomics data. Also, regulatory application of Real World Evidence (RWE) is growing beyond safety and with a particular interest in using RWE to bridge the evidentiary gap among regulators, HTAs and payers. This session will be focused on how can RWD facilitate the end to end drug development by utilizing advanced analytics such as AI, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Farhan (CJ) Hameed, Senior Director, Global Real-World Data and Analytics, Chief Digital Office, PFIZER, INC
Pharma Keynote Data-Driven Marketing at Scale: The Building Blocks of Intelligent Operations for Customer Centricity and Advanced Analytics
Parker Richardson, Director, Digital Asset Management and Approval Program, GLAXOSMITHKLINE
Pharma Keynote Making Data Work — Practical Tips on Digital Analytics

Do you work for your data or does it work for you? Learn how you focus on the right data and how you can make it work for you to improve business results.

  • Common pitfalls of digital analytics
  • Have SMART Goals and KPIs
  • Get the right data
  • Establish scorecard and dashboard
  • Drive actionable insights
  • Optimize business outcomes and repeat!
Sang Kim, Digital Analytics and Optimization Leader, ABBOTT DIABETES CARE
Afternoon Networking and Refreshment Break
Case Study Why Return on Opportunity Should Be Your Core Metric
  • Provocative start — why ROI only tells you a portion of the story for your marketing efforts, depending on your patient need, life cycle, and environment
    • Organizing thoughts and illustrative case examples
  • Where this all comes from (why are we in this situation?)
  • Another way to look at ROI — the concept of ROO
    • Another illustrative case example
  • Why it’s better for you and your patients
  • How to sell it to your leadership team
    • Another illustrative case example
Jay Denhart-Lillard, Principal, Product Marketing, GENENTECH
Panel Discussion How to Effectively Set up KPIs to Measure Your Campaigns
  • How can you ensure the delivery of quality reporting and insightful analysis in this shifting market?
  • How to develop forecasts for performance of marketing initiatives — using both internal and external data sources
  • How should you go about creating and sourcing all KPIs and benchmarks, ensuring relevance to brand strategies?

Tatsiana Gremyachinskiy, Digital Marketing, U.S. Coronary Marketing, ABBOTT VASCULAR


Stacy Trent, Director, Worldwide Multichannel Capabilities, Campaign Management, BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB

Closing Remarks and Close of Conference

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